IBA Stadt­um­bau

Less is Future

From 2002 to 2010, IBAIBA Internationale Bauausstellung Stadtumbau (Urban Renewal) in Saxony-Anhalt sought answers to the population decline in Eastern Germany. Saxony-Anhalt’s small and medium-sized cities in particular wanted to set a new course in urban development in response to the dempographic decline. IBA Stadtumbau was the first IBA to span an entire federal state.

Under the direction of Omar Akbar, Rüdiger Schulz (until 2008) and Philipp Oswalt (since 2009), planners and architects experimented with new urban renewal tools in 19 cities. They developed model projects for urban development through demographic change, social cohesion and economic transformation. The aim of IBA Stadtumbau was to develop special practical expertise at state, municipal and civic levels. It focused on development options for stagnating cities under the heading “Less is Future”.

An important objective of the work was to advise and support the participating cities in developing and implementing their ideas. IBA’s instruments included public activities for motivating civic participation: walking tours of the city, building site inspections, valedictions of buildings and other temporary or permanent artistic and architectural elements in the urban space. For this purpose, new financing methods, land management, land use planning and participation concepts were developed. The network of the 19 IBA cities became an important platform for sharing experiences and ideas.

The IBA Stadtumbau 2010 was a project of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, carried out jointly by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the state development corporation SALEGSALEG Sachsen-Anhaltinische Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhaltischen Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft mbh. The projects were largely financed from the urban development programme “Stadtumbau Ost” (Urban Redevelopment East) of the federal and state governments.

Dessau-Roßlau: With the citizens’ claims “400 m² of Dessau”, citizens, associations and initiatives are invited to design a piece of the city based on their ideas and wishes, 2006. Image, montage: Doreen Ritzau © IBA-Büro GbR
Urban Cores and Landscape Zones
View of the new two court gymnasium, with the tower of Bernburg castle in the background, 2014. Image: Thomas Weiß © Junk & Reich - Architekten BDA
FutureEduca­tion – Learning in the Centre
Marking of the area that subsided by approx. four metres, due to retrospective damage from mining, 2007. Image: Doreen Ritzau © IBA-Büro GbR
Relinquishing the Old Centre
At the “Test Field” in Ludwigstraße, the homeopathic method is applied to urban planning, 2009. Image: Michael Uhlmann © IBA-Büro GbR
Köthen (Anhalt)
Homeopathy as Driver for Urban Development
The rebuilt birth house, the Luther Charity School and the new buildings for the museum form the Luther birth house ensemble, 2009. Image: Doreen Ritzau © IBA-Büro GbR
Lu­ther­stadt Eisleben
Common Responsibility – Redeveloping the Luther City
The DRIVE THRU Gallery presents the “Hitzefrei” exhibition featuring works by Christopher Winter, 2007. Image: Doreen Ritzau © IBA-Büro GbR
Outside to Inside – City Centre in Focus

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