Current IBAIBA Internationale Bauausstellung

The following International Building Exhibitions are currently taking place:

The Franco-Swiss Rhine bank path from St. Johann Basel to Huningue was the first IBA project to earn the IBA Label, 2016 © IBA Basel / Daniel Spehr
IBAIBA Internationale Bauausstellung Basel
2010 – 2020
Growing Together Across Borders
On the former US-military settlement Patrick-Henry-Village in the southwest of Germany the International Architecture Exhibition Heidelberg is developing a knowledge city of tomorrow © KCAP Architects&Planners
IBA Heidelberg
2012 – 2022
Knowledge | Based | Urbanism
The Eiermannbau in Apolda is a prominent example of the many vacant and disused buildings in Thuringia. After standing empty for more than 20 years, IBA Thüringen has started using the building and is developing it as an own initiative. Since summer 2016, it has hosted regular exhibitions and events as part of IBA Thüringen’s activities. Photo: Thomas Müller
IBA Thüringen
2012 – 2023
The IBA Scoop: An interactive 360 º visualisation to demonstrate to the public the challenges facing the Parkstad region and the approaches taken by IBA Parkstad © IBA Parkstad
IBA Parkstad
2013 – 2020
Parkstad in Motion
On the construction site fence “Faces of the Seestadt” residents present their activities in the IBA area © Wien 3420 / Rimshot Fotografie
2016 – 2022
New Social Housing
IBA 2027 aims to make the region of Stuttgart a model for other predominantly industrial polycentric growth regions © Stuttgart Marketing
IBA StadtRegion Stuttgart
2017 – 2027
Change Through Growth