Since 2024 - IBA Munich Metropolitan Region

Spaces of mobility

Thinking mobility further

Under the guiding subject of spaces of mobility, the International Building Exhibition Munich Metropolitan Region is developing projects that find answer to important questions of the future and provide impetus for the mobility of tomorrow. The IBAIBA Internationale Bauausstellung Munich Metropolitan Region is thus facing one of the central challenges of the 21st century: The future of mobility – inter-municipally networked, developed to the next level and designed in a sustainable manner. The objective is to pave the way for a new mobility culture, to combine proven and unconventional solutions and to provide stimulus for the future-oriented development of the metropolitan region across municipal boundaries. The IBA Munich Metropolitan Region is the first in Bavaria and also the first IBA on the subject of mobility.

Networking between the city and the region

With the IBA Munich Metropolitan Region, urban and rural areas enter into dialogue in order to create diverse development and participation opportunities and to make the Munich Metropolitan Region polycentric. The specific identities of the metropolitan region should be viewed individually, promoted and further developed. The evolution of mobility spaces should be seen as a cross-sectional task that takes social, ecological, technological and economic aspects of mobility into account.

Rethink living together, working and being on the move

Using concrete buildings, concepts and programs, the IBA Munich Metropolitan Region aims to develop internationally noticeable examples of how the growing metropolitan region can rethink living together, working and being on the move while at the same time remaining livable and in the flow. The IBA Munich Metropolitan Region will use a co-creative process to work out how future-oriented solutions can be found together for the various challenges facing municipalities in the region.

Shaping the future cooperatively

The IBA Munich Metropolitan Region is organized by an inter-municipal corporation. The shareholders so far are the state capital of Munich, the cities of Augsburg and Ingolstadt, the districts of Munich and Freising and the Association for the European Metropolitan Region of Munich (EMM e.V.). Through EMM e.V., municipalities and partners from business, civil society, research and development are involved in the IBA unit.

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