In the following, we explain how the service navigation works.

You will find the service navigation at the top right of the page.

Click on “ENEN Englisch”. You will then find selected contents of our website in English.

Click on “DEDE Deutsch” to return to the German language.

Under “Contact” you will find our address and a contact person.
You will also find a telephone number and an e-mail address.

Next to the service navigation you will find the main navigation.

Under “Internationale Bauausstellungen” you will find the most important information about the IBAIBA Internationale Bauausstellung.

Click on the round icon with the stick figure.
Then you will find all the accessible functions.

With “Keyboard navigation” you can use the keyboard to operate the page.

With A- and A+ you can change the font size.
With “Reset font size” the page is displayed in normal size.

Click on “Change font” to change the font.

Click on “Choose color”.
You can choose between “Schwarz auf Weiß – Black on white”
and “Weiß auf Schwarz – White on black”.

Click on “Underline links” to highlight all links.

Click on “Highlight links” to highlight all links in color.

Click on “Remove animations”.
This allows you to remove all animations.

Click on “Remove styles”.
The page will be displayed without any design.

Click on “Lights Off”.
You will only see the important information on the page.

Click on “Clear cookies” to clear all settings.

At the very bottom, there is an item called ” Help”.
Here we explain how the service navigation works.
You will find all the services here.

Under “Accessibility Statement” you will find information about accessibility
on our site.

Under “Report a bug in this site’s accessibility” you can
write an e-mail to report an issue.

Under “Simple Language” you can find information
written in Simple Language.