IBA Terraces, Großräschen-Süd

From Mining to Lake Landscape

IBAIBA Internationale Bauausstellung see developed concepts for the Lusatian Lakeland region that permit new tourism uses and economic opportunities. Model projects such as the IBA Terraces exemplify the high-quality standards that the new architecture in the new Lakeland has set for itself.

Few cities in Lower Lusatia have changed as much in the last 20 years as the former mining city of Großräschen. The southern half of the city was lost almost completely to the mine. Ironically, this is exactly where its future lies today – as a city by the lake. Structural change is particularly evident here. In 2007, the valves were symbolically opened and the Meuro pit was flooded with keen interest of the local population. Großräschen Lake has been filling since then. The Lusatia Lakeland Visitors’ Centre opened before flooding commenced to provide information on all IBA activities. The IBA Terraces are the result of an international competition to build an information centre for IBA see. The buildings and surrounding open spaces of the terraces were designed in such a way that they could still be used after the IBA. This created a memorable venue; a popular destination and lookout point as well as a new landmark for Großräschen am See.

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