Welcome to the website
of International Building Exhibitions.

The abbreviation for International Building Exhibitions is IBAIBA Internationale Bauausstellung.

What are the tasks of the IBA?

IBA are a special format of urban development.
Urban development changes cities.
For example:
How they look or who lives in them.
Whether they grow or become smaller.
IBA deal with new ideas for cities and regions,
especially in Germany.

On these pages we explain
how to find your way around the website.

Below we explain how the website works.

At the top of the page
you will find the service navigation.

Click on “ENEN Englisch”. You will then find
selected contents of our website in English.

Click on “DEDE Deutsch” to return to the German language.

Under “Contact” you will find
our address and a contact person.
You will also find a telephone number and an e-mail address.

Next to the service navigation
you will find the main navigation.

Under “Internationale Bauaustellungen” you will find
the most important information about IBA.

Click on “Current IBA”.
Here you will find information
on all currently running International Building Exhibitions.

Click on “History”.
Then you can see the development
of the International Building Exhibitions.

Under “Expert Council” you will find
information on the experts who advise IBA
on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.

Click on “Network”.
Here you will find information
on what the IBA is doing together.

Click on “Quality Campaign”.
There you will find
what the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community
is doing to support ongoing IBA.

Under “Memorandum” you will find a text.
It describes what IBA means
and how IBA should work.

Under “Conference” we present an event.
In 2019, there was a meeting of experts in Berlin
who talked about IBA.

Click on “Internationale Bauausstellungen” at the top left.
Then you will always return to the homepage.